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Tips For Handling Your Finances Better

The Advantages of Consumer Credit Counseling
by Jakob Jelling

Abstract: Many individuals have been helped by consumer credit counseling to take control of their finances and to eliminate debt. Consumer credit counseling can work for you by teaching money management skills which can help you throughout your lifetime. Consumer credit counseling can help you better understand your credit situation. It can help you understand the costs associated with misusing a credit card and make you a more informed consumer. Read More

Should You Ever Take A Payday Loan?
by Prakash Menon

Abstract: Payday loans have many names -- cash advances, signature loans and paycheck loans, etc. Payday lenders provide quick and easy short-term cash to those who need money immediately. That's the big reason why they're so popular. However, payday loans come at exorbitant costs. This can -- and often does -- lead borrowers into a downward spiral of rapidly escalating debt. Let's look at the issue from various angles to get a complete picture. Read More

What To Check Out When You Apply For A Payday Loan
by Prakash Menon

Abstract: Are you thinking of going in for a payday loan to meet an unexpected expense? If yes, look into these seven things before you finalize one. This checklist can help you make smarter choices. You might even end up saving some serious cash! Read More

Debt consolidation...reduce your monthly debt payments now
by Terry Till

Abstract: Debt consolidation is frequently becoming a very familiar term used in these consumer frenzy-spending times when everything that is available to purchase is often presented with the availability of a hire purchase agreement. Read More

10 Steps To Improve Your Financial Situation
by Gregory Thomas

Abstract: Here are ten steps you can follow to help improve your personal financial situation and inevitably save more money. Read More