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Odds are good that if you create a financial plan today, reduce your debt and begin saving regularly, you may be able to live more comfortably, with less worry and maybe even retire as a millionaire. Set some realistic goals about how you would like to live now and in the future. Begin learning about how to manage your money better, and develop a financial plan that will help you achieve your goals - even if you're living paycheck to paycheck.


Online Movie Rental

How many films would you guess you view in a week's time? Would three be an accurate guess? Or maybe you're addicted like me and the answer is more like 6 or 7. Regardless of your movie habit, I know where you can acquire them with minimal fuss and hassle. No, it's not the mom and pop store down the street. They're typically out of every new rental because they only carry one of each. That's lame! And it's not the huge video chain that guarantees certain titles to be in stock. Trust me; I know this process and how it works.

The videos are not ALWAYS in stock. They just say that so you'll hit up their place first. However, if they're not in stock, you typically get a voucher for it free the next time it's in. Personally I would much rather go with he online movie rental business. This has the words "Convenience" and "Hassle Free" written all over it. Are you ready for the simple way of attaining DVDs? I used to work at a video store.

It was "mom and pop" joint. I actually stayed there for three years. Then it was off to another video store.

This one was known as Blockbuster's greatest competitor. I'm sure you know the one I'm referring to. I stayed there for three years as well.

Anyway, I can't say how stoked I was when they began the online movie rental concept. This was Netflix.com first, if I remember correctly. I honestly couldn't believe that I would never have to enter another video store. This was a great thing in my book. After all, I had seen the crowds, experienced the chaos, and dealt with the anger on a regular basis for 6 years.

You grow tired of it after a while. I definitely did! But, that didn't matter now. I had my laptop handy and a cool new concept at my fingertips. I was ready to try the online movie rental business. In no time, I realized how much better it was.

The DVDs I order arrive quickly and it's a synch to mail them back. The postage is paid and there are no hassles with late fees or crowds. This is the way I like it! What do you prefer? Are you ready to battle the video store lines and crowds for yet another Friday night? Or, are you anxious to jump on the online movie rental bandwagon? One thing I can tell you is that it will save you gas, time and a whole lot of patience.

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