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Is Money An Effective Motivator At Work

Money! That is the sinew raging war between employers and employees. Indeed, motivating employees through the use of money as a material reward or motivator for work achievement is and has always been a matter of controversy. Many theorists tackling motivation theories, human nature in general and motivation in particular, have accordingly pondered upon this issue and yet they did not give the same answer as whether money can motivate workers for work or not. This what makes butter and bread for this forthcoming article. But before tackling this acute issue, let us see what does Motivation entail? Motivation suggests the strong desire to do one's job well with an instigation to receive a counterpart either of moral or material satisfaction?.

Employers, throughout time, have employed material incentives in the form of extra hours with extra pay, some others give too much importance to the stability of the workers with satisying their necessaries of life; whereas others have much stressed human relations, good contacts with prospective outcomes, promotion, and occupation with high responsibilities potential. For example, Frederick Herzberg et al (in two factor motivation hygiene theory, said : ''Lack of money dissatisfies and then pay is not motivating ''Frederick Herzberg (959 :2). Abraham Maslow in Hierarchy of Needs developed his hierarchy of needs based on research about what motivates people to work. He suggested that ''there were 5 levels of need that influence a person's behaviour, amongst which,a fair wage, a meal and rest facilities.'' Abraham Maslow (1954) Lindstone claimed that 'Tailoring' the policy to the needs of each individual is difficult but is far more effective and can pay handsome dividends. Fairness, decisiveness, giving praise and constructive criticism can be more effective than money in the matter of motivation.

Money alone is not enough ).'' (Lindstone1978) In Challenging Job-Professional people and manual workers M.Scott Myers, said: '' What motivates is a challenging job which allows a feeling of achievement, responsibility, growth, advancement, enjoyment of work itself, and earned recognition. Workers become dissatisfied when opportunities for meaningful achievement are eliminated.

'' ( M scott Myers1964) Manfred Davidmann studied 255 U.K. directors and found that directors are motivated by money and not motivated by job satisfaction because they have all the job satisfaction they need or want. ( Manfred Davidman 1970) Dr. Angela M Bowey ( in her first chapter of a new book she is publishing herself "on line" supports the "contingency theory approach, which says'' that management strategies (including payment systems) should be designed specifically to suit the host organisation and its employees and managers.'' (Angela Bowey 1997-2004) As for me, I totally agree that money can be a good motivator for work because any human being aspires to a more decent life, a nice house and good social conditions which I believe without money could never be achieved.

Also, man may employ more efforts in order to gain what this could compensate for his sweat without taking his vivacious energy in vain; for the same man that has been expelled from a local workshop is the same man who creates the miracle in another. Why this difference ? It is simply the extra money which makes it. Man as a an aspiring individual can reach the unreachable if his efforts are truly and materially valued. Yet, this need not be taken to excess, not everything should be termed in money. Money could not be overemployed; there are many other ways on how to skin cats ; rewards, good social positions, recompenses, hot meals, outdoor recreational bonuses could do at times cash money could not talk.

Employers also have their words to say in all this; this is greatly depending on the type of services offered and the nature of outputs delivered by employees. Money can cause problems between employers and cause them conflicts, challenge and hinder management. But in all this, where is the human relation existing between a truthful employer and a trusty employee? Is there any humane understanding based on human values? is not self- respect, dignity, self-esteem, mutual reverence and earnestness better than money. Thousands of workers are satisfied with the mean money they receive, content with the extra incentives given to them by their employers. I believe this is another matter to consider seriously! Good understanding may promote the productivity better than a work bound to money without which it could not see the day ; for it may succeed, but still, it is transient and ephemeral with roots that will never stem up to solid trunks.

In fact, money is a double-edged sword, it can motivate those who feel the knack to do better and demotivate those who run after money and neglect the human's duty and sense of integrity.

Robert Smith has spent more than 20 years working as a professor at the University of California. Now he spends most of his time with his family and shares his Univesity experience with the customers of Custom Essay Writing Service. He is a right person to ask about college essay.

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